Welcome to Mysore Dasara, a Royal Festival Celebrating victory of Truth over Evil

Dasara is a 10-day festival in the region culminating on Vijayadashami or tenth day. The day marks the successful conclusion of the preceding nine days. Vijayadashami is also a day of victory of the King and his subjects, be it in a battle or day-to-day governance. The preceding nine days of Navarathri have celebrations starting only after six days.

Dasara celebrations in Mysore commences at 9 a.m. on Monday, 26th September 2022 and grand final day - Vijayadasami Day falls on Wednesday, 05th October 2022. Jamboo Savari and Torchlight Parade, two major attractions on final day.

Mysore Dasara
Mysore Dasara Packages

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Mysore Dasara
Mysore Dasara Programs

A 10-day festival in the region culminating on Vijayadashami or tenth day

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A distinct culture, tradition and heritage

The royal family of Mysore performs special pooja on the occasion of Dasara. During Dasara, the entire City is gaily decorated and illuminated.

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